Killzone 3 multiplayer getting standalone free-to-play release on PSN next week

In the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, Sony revealed that it plans to launch a standalone free-to-play(ish) version of Killzone 3‘s multiplayer mode on PlayStation Network.

Killzone 3‘s multiplayer will be made available next week, but there’s a bit of a catch: it’s not entirely free. You’ll be able to access most of Killzone 3 multiplayer content (including DLC) free of charge, but only up to the level of “Sergeant 1”.

Once you reach the level cap in the Killzone 3 multiplayer title, you’ll need to fork over a reasonable $14.99 to continue playing. Once you do so, you’ll be able to play Killzone 3‘s multiplayer, DLC and all, to your heart’s content.

Additionally, purchasing the full version will net you a 24-hour double XP bonus, some free points towards unlocking goodies, and the rest of the multiplayer features will be unlocked, including the ability to make custom games, create clans, and access to the “Botzone” mode.

The download won’t include any singleplayer content, of course, so you’ll need to pick up the full game if you want to access that. There’s no word whether or not Sony plans to offer the singleplayer portion of Killzone 3 as a separate download at some point.

Source: Sony, Guerrilla