WWE: Brock Lesnar’s Face Turn Gives An Excuse To Disappear Until SummerSlam 2015, Royal Rumble 2016

With Seth Rollins now the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar’s face turn now just gave everyone the perfect excuse for him to carry on his infamous status as being a pay-per-view only wrestler. But will Lesnar be missing in action all the way up until SummerSlam 2015?

In a related report by the Inquisitr, it is claimed by some that Brock Lesnar’s bleeding face during WrestleMania 31 was intentionally caused by cutting himself with a blade.

When Brock Lesnar held the Championship belt throughout last year, many fans hated how little it was seen and title defense matches were few in number. When Seth Rollins refused a rematch on Monday Night RAW this was the golden opportunity for WWE creative to give a good reason for Lesnar to disappear for months. As everyone has probably heard by now, Lesnar added to the population of Suplex City, attacking Booker T, JBL, and Michael Cole. Lesnar’s rampage even extended to a poor camera operator, who received two F5’s despite Stephanie McMahon warning Lesnar.

The WWE even played up their injuries by giving a medical update on… April Fool’s day. Michael Cole supposedly was ” diagnosed with a bulging disc at the C6/C7 level” and is considering a lawsuit despite planning to return to work at RAW this coming Monday. JBL is claimed to have a suffered an “abdominal wall tear” that landed him in the surgery room at the hospital. Lesnar’s assault also caused Booker T to suffer “contusions and general soreness.” There’s also talk of a six figure fine for manhandling all these men in a fit of kayfabe rage.

No word on whether or not Sting suffered much from having Triple H bash him with a sledgehammer… Oh, wait, he’s fine, never mind.

Humor aside, what purpose is fulfilled by making Brock Lesnar face of the moment? It’s said that the current plan is for Randy Orton to challenge Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules 2015 for the belt. If Lesnar had simply up and vanished until SummerSlam 2015 then fans would be left scratching their heads. Even if you only consider the Beast a tweener, Stephanie McMahon’s “suspension” of Lesnar allows Lesnar to simmer down for several months without anyone questioning why he’s missing in action. It should also make fans pine for his next appearance, and it adds an element of unpredictability that was missing before.

Jim Ross also agrees that having Brock Lesnar’s match schedule be limited in numbers is probably best for business.

“It harkened back to the days of the traveling NWA Champion, it harkened back to the days of the traveling Andre the Giant. You only saw those guys on special occasions, therefore, they always made an impact when you did see them, they were always special. I think Lesnar is exactly that way by not being overexposed. One of the kisses of death in doing a flagship, three-hour show each Monday is overexposure of talent. I like steak, but I don’t wanna eat it every day. My point is a little bit of Brock goes a long way, like you pointed out so astutely, when he did a appear he made an impact.

“So I like the way that it’s booked and now he’s the big hero, he’s a big babyface, he’s gonna come for retribution. He’s suspended right now on the storyline, I love that, he has a logical reason storyline wise to not be present. I think WWE has done a magnificent job of setting up what I would book as SummerSlam is Lesnar vs. Rollins, and then I would not have Lesnar and Rollins cross paths through hook or crook until Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble and then he goes to WrestleMania 32 to challenge Rollins for the WWE Title.”

Do you agree that Brock Lesnar’s face turn was well-handled by the WWE?

[Image via WWE.]