Identical Triplets Marry: Sisters Have Unique Triple Wedding, Wear Same Gown [Video]

Identical triplets decided to marry on the same day, at the same time, and in the same dress, in a pretty cool story that is taking the internet by storm this week.

According to People Magazine, the 29-year-old Brazilian sisters decided to wed on the same day after their parents gave them the idea. Since they all got engaged around the same time, a triple wedding only made sense, right? It didn’t take much thought for the girls to figure out that they wanted to have one super large wedding. Since they are so similar, the three were able to agree on a lot of things… like their dresses, for example.

However, it went even further for Rafaela, Rochele, and Tagiane Bini. The three sisters say that they were not planning on doing everything the same and that they made separate hair and makeup appointments. However, all three women chose identical hair and makeup styles. Most of their wedding guests could only tell them apart because their bouquets were different colors!

The identical triplets may have chosen to marry their significant others at the same time, but they also found ways to make their wedding day special on an individual level.

“We decided that we would all walk down the aisle until half way down the church. From there, I would take one at a time,” said the girls’ father, Pedro Bini.

According to NewsMax, this is what the girls really wanted, and they made the decision about a year ago.

Fortunately, there wasn’t any funny business at the altar. You see, the girls have traded places in the past, and sometimes purposely played tricks on their beaus. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the grooms were somewhat used to getting their ladies confused.

“‘There was a time when we were all in the kitchen making dinner. So Rochele, who is Gabriel’s, was doing stuff at the sink, and Rafaela was at the stove. We were there chatting and they changed places. I went behind to hug her, and said ‘oops’ when I realized I’d got the wrong girl,’ [Rafaela’s husband] Rafael shared.”

The identical triplets did end up marrying the right men on their wedding day, however, and everything went as planned. Now their wedding story is going viral, and people are really enjoying reading about the special bond that these three women have.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube Screen Capture]