Lana Del Rey Tour Adds Grimes: No April Fools!

Lana Del Rey has been quiet for a few weeks, with no Twitter updates or other ways of telling her fans of what is to come. However, today on Instagram, Grimes announced that she has been asked to join Lana Del Rey’s “Endless Summer Tour.” This is particularly surprising considering how Lana Del Rey and Grimes’ names have been intertwined in the past.

Interestingly, no one seemed to bring up the unusual past the media has painted for Grimes and Lana Del Rey when Grimes (ActuallyGrimes) says on Instagram, “Guess whose opening for Lana on her Canadian and U.S.A. tour!!!!! Gonna be the best show on earth p much. [sic]”

Is this an April Fools prank by Grimes via Lana Del Rey? After all, nothing has been posted on Lana Del Rey’s Twitter account since March 8. There is also the fact that they have often been placed at odds in the media — and it can make some Lana Del Rey fans suspicious if Grimes is just playing a joke for fun.

On the @Grimezsz account, several tweets were posted on April 1 that confirm the rumors are true — and Lana Del Rey and Grimes will tour America and Canada with the dates Lana Del Rey has already posted to her website. To confirm that Grimes will be added to her tour (and that it was not an April Fools Day joke), Lana Del Rey posted a show date flyer on her Instagram account that reflects Grimes joining her “Endless Summer” tour.

If this is an elaborate joke that Grimes is playing on Lana Del Rey (or vice versa)– it seems like major media sources are going along with it and are taking seriously. NME was one of the first to break the news about the Lana Del Rey invitation to Grimes. NME alleges that Grimes said on Instagram, “This is really not an April Fools joke just absurdly timed announcement. Did not realize the date. [sic]”

Rolling Stone gave more insight into the Lana Del Rey and Grimes tour and stated that Lana would start touring with Courtney Love. On May 28, Lana Del Rey will be joined by Grimes to finish the rest of the tour starting in Noblesville, Indiana.

In the past, when Lana Del Rey and Grimes have had their names printed together in the same article, it was due to some sort of sarcastic drama that writers have invented between the two of them that borders on satire.

A good example is the SSG Music article called “Best of 2012: Ultimate Showdown.” In the article, Lana Del Rey and Grimes are pitted against each other with comments about Lana Del Rey versus Grimes like, “In a nutshell: Grimes and LDR would likely both sound horrible doing a Karaoke version of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

The Village Voice intertwined Grimes and Lana Del Rey in 2013 labeling it as the “Year of Blond Ambition.” They stated, “This past year proved there is a special sort of animus reserved for women—Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, and Grimes’s Claire Boucher—whose ambitions seemed especially naked and, if you will, feminine.”

Besides these loose references based on fantasy, you will find few connections between Lana Del Rey and Grimes online — and this could mean unpredictable (and exciting) things could happen during or because of their tour.

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