Apple Developing Plans To Make Smaller Dock Connector For iOS Devices

The team at Apple might soon deliver iOS devices that feature smaller dock connectors at least that’s the newest rumor circulating from the team at iMore.

The move would be a technology-driven decision to create more space on devices as they become more complex with a larger amount of internal hardware that requires more space without increasing the side of those devices.

It’s still unclear how small the dock connector may become however it’s safe to bet that the smaller the connector the better as Apple continues to shrink it’s devices while adding faster processors, more memory and other features to their mobile and tablet offerings.

The rumor is far from confirmed however other rumors from corroborating sources seem to think that a faster dock port is likely since Apple is already known to have filed a patent for the smaller piece of hardware.

It’s also believed that the new docking connector would be faster, allow for extra bandwidth speeds and improve overall device sync capabilities.

Rumors also point to no connectivity for Thunderbolt technology although the dock connector could be built with future USB 3.0 capabilities in mind for the time when Apple begins using the faster USB technology.

While Apple in the past relied heavily on the dock connector that component has since lost ground to cloud services based on 3G and 4G data transfer technology along with Wi-Fi syncing.

If the dock connector is changed it could mean that users will need to buy adapters for their products while third party designers could be left eating the cost on adapters for their already manufactured products.

Do you think Apple needs to make a smaller dock connector for its iOS based devices?