Nike Foamposite Galaxy Release Sparks Rioting In Florida, Police Called In For Crowd Control

Nike’s new Foamposite Galaxy glow-in-the-dark shoes scheduled for release Friday (2/24/2012) have sneaker fans flocking in large numbers to camp outside of stores in anticipation of their limited release. The release of Nike’s latest marvel, the Foamposite Galaxy shoes which are part of the All-Star Galaxy collection, have shoe fanatics excited enough to break into fights and riot as some sneaker enthusiasts did in Orlando, Florida.

Police officers clad in riot gear were on the scene Thursday evening to break up fights that broke out at a Florida mall where the new Foamposite Galaxy sneakers will be available after midnight at the Foot Locker House Of Hoops store.

After responding to a call regarding a large disorderly crowd at the mall in Florida, Orlando police officers riding horses and wearing riot gear were assisted by deputies as they evacuated hundreds of people from the mall parking lot.

Users of the popular social networking service Twitter have been uploading and sharing pictures of the Nike riots occurring outside of the mall in Florida. The following photograph shows a large number of sneaker fans which appear to be rioting in the mall parking lot:

Nike Foamposite Galaxy Release Riot

According to, someone on Craigslist offered a 1996 Cavalier car for a pair of the highly sought after Foamposite Galaxy shoes. Apparently, other folks are prepared to pay thousands of dollars for these hot new Nike kicks.

WTXF-TV reports indicate sneaker enthusiasts across the country have been camping outside of stores in anticipation of their release. All of the hype and apparent insanity surrounding Nike’s Foamposite Galaxy release should come as little surprise to those who can recall the vandalism, riots, and fights that broke out last year with the re-release of Nike’s limited edition Air Jordan XI sneakers.