Female Dating Guru Claims The Age Of Monogamy Is Over: ‘It’s Not Part Of Our DNA’

Self-acclaimed dating guru, Louise Van Der Velde, who is also known in some circles as the “pleasure professor” said recently that the age of monogamy is over and that wedding vows need to be looked at and reassessed.

Although controversial, to Van Der Velde’s mind, the last things couples should do is vow to be faithful to each other forever.

As she told reporters, “Where people say forsaking all others — many people have accepted that honor and obey is not acceptable, so why not do the same with the part about staying faithful, given current statistics on infidelity and divorce rates.”

In saying that, Van Der Velde also believes that most wedding vows are based on beliefs of the church whose sole purpose is to control the masses,

“Monogamy is not part of our DNA and is destined to fail more often than work… the fairy tale about a boy meeting a girl and living happy ever after is built on myths — it gives people a false illusion they try inspire to and inevitably they fail,” she said.

In explaining her point of view, Van Der Velde made some points which many men might agree with, although they might be quite surprising to hear from a woman. For example, her view on the human species, “Our DNA is about sowing seeds for continuation of the species, it’s bigger than us — you are fighting nature trying to be faithful.”

The dating guru said she knows that much of what she says is shocking to many people and she spoke about the time her ex-husband of eight years developed feelings for another woman.

As Van Der Velde explained,

“I was married to a doctor and we had our vows on the wall which said ‘I will love you unconditionally no matter what.’ After 8 years of monogamy he told me he fancied someone and was thinking of cheating. I went through a roller coaster of emotions as any woman would but I told him that I honored his choices and I worked hard on myself on all the emotions that I had, including jealousy and the feelings of inadequacy about not being enough for him. I ended up hugging the girl he had a six month fling with, I gave him my blessing and kept our family together. We had an open relationship then but loved each other, then my husband had a tragic accident two years later and died at 38.”

For now, Van Der Velde is concentrating her efforts on her new dating website, purepleasuredating.com, and hopes it will bring her great success as an alternative to conventional dating sites.

[Image Credit: YouTube.com]