Wolfgang Van Halen Will Miss Tremonti Summer Tour To Play For His Dad’s Band

Van Halen’s bass player, Wolfgang Van Halen, will miss the summer tour of his other band, Tremonti, reported UltimateGuitar.com. Wolfgang Van Halen, son of Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen, plays bass for Van Halen as well as for Tremonti, a band created by Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti. Both Van Halen and Tremonti will be on tour this summer.

“The bassist will instead hit the road with his dad’s band Van Halen, who are promoting their “Tokyo Dome Live in Concert” package, UltimateGuitar.com reported. The website also quoted Wolfgang Van Halen as saying, “I am still part of Tremonti and very excited for the release of ‘Cauterize’ – but unfortunately I’m unable to participate in the tour due to my prior commitment.”

Tremonti will be touring with Seether this summer while Wolfgang Van Halen will be joining his father, his uncle Alex Van Halen and David Lee Roth on the Van Halen tour.

Loudwire also confirmed that Wolfgang Van Halen will be taking a hiatus from Tremonti while he goes on tour with Van Halen, but he remains a member of the band created by the guitarist of Alter Bridge.

According to Loudwire, “Even though (Wolfgang) Van Halen may not be a part of touring, he is very much a part of Cauterize and its newly announced follow-up Dust.” Mark Tremonti says of the disc, “We are extremely excited for the fans to hear this album. We feel it is our best work to date.”

This past weekend, Wolfgang Van Halen and the rest of Van Halen played two of the group’s hit songs, Running with the Devil and Panama, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The band’s performance received high praise from viewers.

Van Halen recently announced the summer concert tour to great fanfare and the delight of their many fans.

“The 2015 summer concert tour by Van Halen will start on July 5 in Auburn, Washington,” the Columbian reported. “Van Halen will play at the White River Amphitheater, with the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band as a special guest, and will also be performing on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Wolfgang Van Halen, age 24, began playing with his father in Van Halen in 2006 at the age of 15, when he replaced the previous bass player, Michael Anthony. Wolfgang is committed to playing bass for the heavy metal band, Tremonti, and he plans to resume working with them in the future.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]