John Edwards Sex Tape Will Be Destroyed

John Edwards and Rielle Hunter’s sex tape won’t see the light of day after their long-running court battle was settled out of court on Thursday with an agreement that the tape will be destroyed.

News of the settlement was released by Hunter’s spokesperson who said Hunter and former Edwards’ aide Andrew Young and his wife Cheri agreed to end the two year court-battle and part of that settlement involved the guaranteed destruction of the sex tape.

Under terms of the settlement all copies of the tape must be destroyed within 30 days and if more copies surface they must also be destroyed immediately.

Another part of the settlement found that intimate photos involved in the court case belong to Rielle Hunter and her daughter and should therefore be turned over to Ms. Hunter as soon as possible.

While the Youngs are happy to claim no liability in the case a spokeswoman for Hunter said:

”Ms. Hunter is very pleased. She won.”

The court case began in January 2010 when Rielle Hunter claimed that the Youngs stole “personal and private” photos and a videotape form her, a video that became known in court filings as the “Edwards sex tape.”

In a public statement of their own the Youngs revealed:

“We are extremely pleased to have this case resolved. There were no ‘winners’ as such, in that each side had returned back to it that which it believed was its own property, although it was mutually agreed that certain materials should, per the court’s order, be destroyed.”

The Youngs statement added:

“Notably, notwithstanding the outlandish efforts of Ms. Hunter’s legal counsel to try to paint Mr. and Mrs. Young as liars and thieves, nothing could be further from the truth — as is unequivocally evidenced by this settlement agreement.”

Do you think the tape should have been released or was Hunter Rielle and John Edwards’ privacy violated by the Youngs?