Chris Rock’s Twitter: Comedian Stopped By Police Three Times In 7 Weeks [Video]

The Twitter account of Chris Rock is turning more into a documentation of police profiling, it seems. At 12:52 a..m. on March 31, Rock posted a Twitter photo of himself behind the wheel of a car, with the comedian wearing glasses as the familiar blue lights of a police vehicle shine through his back window. Chris turned to his Twitter users for help, not asking for prayers in so many words, but asking for luck with the interaction with the police — without going into much detail about why he was stopped.

“Stopped by the cops again wish me luck.”

The response from Rock’s huge 3.2-million strong Twitter following was swift, funny, and caring. Some of Chris’ fans urged him to record the incident with the police, while others made sure to retweet the photo and favorite it thousands of times. Still, others reminded Chris of his own comedy routine, as reported by the Daily Mail, which advised black people on how to react when pulled over by the police. Namely, those tips included turning down any loud rap music that is playing, selecting a white friend to ride with them, or not giving a ride to any mad or crazy woman at the time.

First and foremost, Rock advised his audience to use common sense and obey the law in order to avoid getting pulled over by the police. Other segments from the hilarious routine are proving to be pretty popular, now that Rock’s documentation of cop photos are making the rounds, as reported by Business Insider‎. With Chris chronicling each time the police pull him over, it sheds more light onto how often Rock might be racially profiled — highlighting an African-American man driving a nice car.

Rock’s tweet of another police photo, as reported by the New York Daily News‎, is a visual reminder of his interaction with cops while performing seemingly innocuous activities — with Chris even documenting being pulled over in a car that he wasn’t driving, but was a backseat passenger within.

Although Rock has yet to update his Twitter page on the results of being pulled over by the police, here is a refresher course on his famous routine advising African-Americans on how to react in case they are stopped by the cops, and how to avoid that situation. Warning: Video contains NSFW language.