‘Triple Triad’: ‘Final Fantasy’s’ Most Popular Mini-Game Now Available On Mobile Phones

Final Fantasy has long been a fan favorite of the RPG genre. The distinct differences between each installment and the familiarity of the various elements within have allowed it to maintain its spot in video game history.

However, a mini-game from Final Fantasy VIII has garnered the desire from many fans to become a mobile app. Triple Triad has long been hoped for, allowing fans to play with friends and fans from across the world. A knockoff version has been around on the Android platform for some time, although it is quite buggy. Today, Square Enix has opted to officially release the game to its fans for mobile devices.

There’s a catch: it is only available in Japan.

Kotaku originally reported on the release of the app in November. It was slated to be released sometime in the winter, but unexpected delays prevented the launch. However, Square Enix has finally finished the game and has released it today. By the looks of the video, it was well worth the wait. The app includes a whole host of character cards that the original did not have.

According to the original report, back in November, Siliconera shared that the app would be free to play and that the cards won in the app could be shared to your save file in Final Fantasy XIV, where Triple Triad has been reborn. Triple Triad will be playable at the Gold Saucer, where fans can congregate and battle it out to achieve the best cards.

There has not been an official announcement regarding a North American release date, or of it will ever find its way overseas. However, fans will surely bombard Square Enix with requests to make the game available anywhere Final Fantasy XIV will be played.

Square Enix has been hitting the mobile market pretty hard in recent years, beginning with the re-release of their original six Final Fantasy games on iOs and Android. Most fans loved replaying the classics again without the restriction of being a tethered console. However, some fans were disappointed with the overall quality. Still to be released is Final Fantasy VII G Bike, another anticipated mini-game from the series.

With a plethora of mini-games that have an opportunity to be released, such as Blitzball, Chocobo Racing, and Operation Monkey, the possibilities are vast for more releases.

What Final Fantasy mini-game or side quest would you like to see turned into an app?

[Photo Courtesy: Edgecast]