Catherine Lowe Drops Shocker: Pregnancy And Cheating!

Bachelor star Catherine Lowe captured everyone’s hearts on The Bachelor, as she called herself a dorky person with a fun personality. Clearly, Sean Lowe fell in love with her because she could make fun of herself, she had some witty comebacks, and she clearly didn’t take herself too seriously. But it sounds like things are getting serious in the Lowe home.

Catherine Lowe is often denying that she is pregnant. Maybe she just doesn’t want to reveal that she is pregnant before she is finished with her first trimester. That is very normal, especially since the first 12 weeks can be very touch and go. But this morning, Catherine had a big announcement and it was truly shocking.

According to a new People report, Bachelor star Catherine Lowe released a statement this morning, and it was one that left people in shock. Surprisingly, Catherine had a picture to back up her story, which made everything much more believable.

“17 weeks” Catherine Lowe revealed on Instagram this morning, with her rep adding, “Strangely enough, [the father] is Andy Dick. They met at ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and have kept their love alive in secret but now the time has come to reveal that they are all one big happy, mixed family.”

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Clearly, this is Catherine Lowe’s April Fool’s joke. Bravo, Lowe! If she had kept the joke at the pregnancy part, fans may have been highly disappointed, as many people are hoping that Sean Lowe and Catherine will soon have a baby. The picture is definitely somewhat believable. But Catherine is arching backwards and she is pushing her belly into the counter, which could give herself the look of a pregnancy belly. The joke is definitely well thought out.

It sounds like Catherine and Sean are not expecting their first child. No word on whether they are actively trying, but both have said that they want to enjoy married life a bit before diving into the parenting world. However, they have been married for over a year now. According to the Inquisitr, Catherine could be mentally getting ready. Maybe this announcement was just a fun way of reminding fans that they are planning on starting a family soon.

No word on how Andy Dick reacted to the joke, as he was clearly put right in the middle of the “cheating scandal.” But it sounds like he would be flattered.

What do you think about Catherine Lowe’s funny April Fool’s joke? Did you think she was really pregnant?

[Image via Instagram]