Nerds Everywhere, Rejoice: iPad Mini Might See A New Upgrade Soon

Anyone who closely follows tech news probably realizes that Apple is slowly losing ground to Korean manufacturing giant Samsung, maker of Smart TVs and the famous Samsung Galaxy Note phablet. Now, rumor has it Apple may again be making upgrades to its iPad mini. Apple Insider reported earlier this month that an unnamed source told them there may be an iPad mini 4 on the way soon.

After many consumers were unhappy with the fact that the iPad mini 3 ran on the same processor and was largely similar to the iPad mini 2 (only $100 more expensive), Apple Insider hinted that Apple may be changing some of the internal workings of the next iPad mini if one indeed comes to store shelves. However, there isn’t a timeframe for when that might happen.

On the more positive side, CNET noted that the current iPad mini 3 is still a good choice due to an amazing battery life and display. However, its review goes on to tout the iPad mini 2 as a better buy given the fact that it’s cheaper and also lacks only a few new features compared to its successor.

With Samsung devices breathing down its neck, Apple launched version 8 of its IOS operating system this past June. The new release includes the ability to send one’s voice in a text message, sync photos across devices as well as syncing any effects applied to the photo to all eligible devices, and a series of apps that collect and store one’s health information, Apple’s press release about the upgrade stated. This isn’t an exhaustive list of IOS 8’s new features by any means, but it does include some of the options that would probably appeal to hardcore techies most.

Apple Insider stated that some of the upgrades in store for the iPad mini 4 could include a new CPU processor and a different form of Wi-Fi connection than has been used in the past. While each of Apple’s devices have largely been redesigns of one another (IE each Ipad improves upon the last while keeping the same basic design and structure), this isn’t necessarily a negative, either.

Apple is a solid brand that people have come to expect quality from, and they no doubt deliver this quality every single time. The fact that someone familiar with Apple’s devices can pick up the newest iPhone and use it just as easily as the one in their pocket does wonders for brand recognition, not to mention the fact that you more or less know what you’re getting when you buy any of their devices. That’s not to say Apple is incapable of surprising us (it did practically invent the smartphone market, after all), and probably will continue to do so, especially as it continues to develop and market the Apple Watch.

No word yet on when Apple may release their new iPad mini (if it really is in development), but summers tend to be a big deal for the tech giant, as it’s usually when they unveil major IOS updates and a new iPhone. For those who missed Apple’s Spring Forward event, CBS News covered the highlights, which included Apple unveiling a new model of MacBook computers as well as delving into details about its Apple Watch.

[Photo Credit: India Times]