‘RHOBH’ Reunion Part Two Sneak Peek: Kim Richards Reveals Shocking Information About Kyle’s Child? [Video]

In the RHOBH reunion part two, Kim and Kyle Richards are seen at odds. On March 31, Bravo released a sneak peek at the upcoming episode, which features Kim threatening to bring an issue regarding Kyle’s child to light.

“I’ve never told the real story,” Kim informs her cast members in the RHOBH reunion part two preview clip.

“About my child?” asks Kyle.

“You will like it! You want me to tell?” Kim fires back.

“Oh wow,” Kyle responds.

During the RHOBH reunion part two sneak peek, fans see plenty of accusations being thrown, but when it comes to what exactly Kim was talking about, that wasn’t revealed, and it’s unclear whether or not Kim revealed any information about Kyle’s child during filming.

Later on in the RHOBH reunion part two, fans are reunited with Kim and Kyle, who are still at odds and taking jabs at one another as their co-stars look on.

“You’re horrible. I can’t even look at her,” Kim tells RHOBH reunion part two host Andy Cohen.

“I’m just going to leave,” Kyle says.

“I’m going to leave,” states Kim.

“I love you as my sister. As a person right now, I don’t like you,” Kyle explains.

“I agree,” Kim adds.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kim is dealing with her own issues regarding one of her four children, Kimberly, 21, Chad, 22, Whitney, 24, and Brooke, 29. Earlier this month, one of her kids, whose name was not revealed, entered the psychiatric facility at UCLA after struggling with depression. Then, on March 31, it was reported the child had been released and moved into a group home, where he or she would continue on with a mental health treatment program.

At the time of the Radar Online report, it was noted by a source that Kim’s friends and family were just as worried about her as they were the child — especially considering her current relationship with Kyle, which is nearly non-existent.

As was revealed during the RHOBH reunion part two, Kim and Kyle are no longer on speaking terms, and have had very little, if any, interaction since the show was filmed.

Kim will not be seen addressing her child’s issues during the RHOBH reunion part two, as they did not occur until after the taping.

The RHOBH reunion part two airs next Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo. Below is a sneak peek at the upcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode.

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