Tara Reid Allegedly Gets Intoxicated With Stranger On A Plane

Tara Reid had a little too much fun with a passenger on an airplane recently. TMZ reported that the Sharknado actress met a guy on a flight back from Ultra in Miami and knocked back some drinks with him. Tara also joined the complete stranger at a tattoo parlor after their flight. She then watched the guy get her name tattooed on his arm.

The paparazzi were there, of course, to catch Reid and the guy at the tattoo parlor. One of the paps asked the troubled actress to kiss the guy’s new tattoo. She had no trouble obliging. The guy wasn’t able to talk Reid into getting a tattoo of his name, luckily for her.

The man told TMZ: “I met her on the plane and got s***faced on the plane…We had a great time.”

The paparazzi then asked the man if he will regret his Tara Reid tattoo in the near future. He responded, “No! Do I look like a guy who regrets things?”

TMZ revealed that the guy’s name is DJ Crichy Crich. EDM Sauce reported that Crich is an upcoming music producer/DJ who recently joined Borgore’s label, Buygore. It sounds like this person is trying to get his 15 minutes of fame by linking himself to Tara Reid.

It appears to be working in his favor. After meeting with Reid, Crich is quickly making headline news on the internet on Wednesday morning.

The Gossip Extra was able to get the exclusive photos of Tara and DJ Crichy Crich leaving the tattoo parlor on Tuesday morning in West Hollywood, California. She was holding onto his arm as they stumbled out. The news site noted that Crich appeared to be more intoxicated than Tara herself. The report also mentioned that Tara and the DJ didn’t meet on the airplane. In fact, they met at a festival in Miami. Maybe Crichy Crich made up the story to TMZ about meeting Tara on an airplane to make it sound more exciting.

Tara Reid doesn’t need strange men or DJs to create headlines. In fact, the actress can create her own headlines. Reid recently made headlines yesterday for flaunting her slender body in a revealing bikini, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Once her bikini photos hit the internet, some took to social media to talk about her alarmingly thin frame.

Tara is letting the body shaming get to her. In fact, she blamed her changing body for trying to get a “six-pack.” In an interview with TMZ last year, Tara told the gossip site that she’s been skinny all of her life. Tara Reid also claimed she’s doing well, but her latest drunken antics seem to reveal a different story.

[Image: Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Macy’s]