Harry Styles Arrested? Instagram Says ‘SA’ While Twitter #AprilFools Claims #HarryGotArrested

When a One Direction fans sees the hashtag #HarryGotArrested trending on Twitter, with new tweets pouring in under the trending topic by the second, one immediately turns to Google to find out if Harry Styles has been arrested for some infraction during the band’s worldwide tour. After all, with Zayn Malik shockingly leaving the group so abruptly — how much more can 1D fans take of this rumored melee?

Rest assured, Harry fans, it appears that the #HarryGotArrested hash tag trending hard on Twitter is related closely to the fact that it surged on April 1. Of course, this is the same day that #AprilFools began trending heavily on the social media site, landing in their number one trending topics spot as of this writing.

Liam cried

Indeed, the Instagram account of Styles — with its impressive 10.5 million followers — seems to bear witness to the fact that Harry isn’t sitting in some South African jail after being arrested, but is posting gorgeous “SA” (or South Africa) pics of the coastline. One Direction played South Africa after Zayn’s departure, reports the BBC News, with Styles expressing his love to the Johannesburg fans during the opening of the concert, which featured an introductory video montage scrubbed clean of Zayn’s images.

“You have no idea how much we love you right now.”

As for rumors of Liam Payne crying, those appear to be true and not an April Fool’s Day joke, with the One Direction concern sans Malik bringing “night changes” such as lyric changes and various 1D bandmates picking up the missing Zayn parts, reports Gossip Cop — an outlet that has several videos of the concert posted online. Various fans proved their allegiance during the concert by wearing gear that proclaimed themselves “Zayn’s girl” and the like.

With 22-year-old Malik missing from the concert, One Direction fans feared the group’s breakup, reports Yahoo News, with Zayn’s absence being heavily felt by the crowd. It was quite surprising that Liam would cry, reports Billboard about the man who rarely even takes bathroom breaks. The band members also looked quite pale says the publication in their list of surprises about the first concert without Zayn. But as reported by the Inquisitr, One Direction is soldiering on, with talk of a collaboration with “Centuries” singers Fall Out Boy in the works.

Meanwhile, the fake jokes about Harry getting arrested continue to fill Twitter timelines.

“Harry got arrested for his ridiculous crotch grabs

[Images by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images and Harry Styles Instagram]