Tyler Baltierra’s Dad Responds To Abandonment Claims: ‘I Feel Bad’

Tyler Baltierra opened up about his traumatic childhood in his recently released book with Catelynn Lowell, Conquering Chaos. In the Teen Mom couple’s memoir, Baltierra revealed his father would often abandon him for drugs, and as a result, spent many years behind bars.

In an April 1 interview with Radar Online, Tyler Baltierra’s father, Butch, claimed he hasn’t yet read the book, but plans to do so soon.

“I haven’t gotten a copy. Tyler says he’s going to send me one.”

Tyler Baltierra’s father is currently in custody at the Macomb Correctional Facility in Michigan after violating parole earlier this year.

Although Butch hasn’t seen first-hand the details of Tyler Baltierra’s book, he has heard about his son’s shocking revelations and said he regrets his past behavior and is happy to report that they are now in a much better place.

“I feel bad about some of the things I’ve done.”

“Tyler talks to me all the time. I’m happy for him, all he has going on.”

As Radar also reported, Tyler Baltierra spoke out earlier this month, confirming he and Butch are on good terms despite their past issues.

“He owns up to his mistakes. He knows my feelings and what I witnessed as a kid and how he’s influenced me. There are no grudges or unspoken words. We’re pretty good.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell released Conquering Chaos earlier this month. In addition to Baltierra’s shocking childhood, filled with sex, drugs and fighting, Lowell experienced her own hardships growing up. During her younger years, Lowell’s at home life consisted of partying and loud music, and new boyfriends monthly for her mother, April, who was once married to Butch.

According to Lowell, who will marry Tyler Baltierra this August, her mother would often pass out after using drugs and drinking alcohol.

“I’d have to put pillows under her head and make sure she was okay, then take care of my brother and sister. It was just never stable at all.”

Lowell also recalled an incident in which one of her mother’s boyfriends choked her while high on crack cocaine.

While their childhoods were far from traditional, Tyler Baltierra and Lowell hope to give a much better life to their new baby, Novalee Reign, who was born on January 1 of this year.

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