Indianapolis Colts Unveil New, All-White Uniform Design — On April 1

The Indianapolis Colts have a new uniform design featuring all-white jerseys, pants, and helmets with no logo at all.

Oh, and the team just happened to unveil the blank uniforms on April 1.

The surprise announcement was posted on the team’s website on Wednesday morning, showing what the team claimed was a new uniform design. The team claimed that the look “embraces the classic nature of the past with a nod towards a more modern aesthetic.”

Here is what the team had to say about the new jersey design.

“The new base uniform color is white. In that same color are accents that in the past have been rendered in Colts blue: both the stripes on the jersey and pants, numbers, etc. Though the colors are the same the shadows of the stitched elements add a subtle depth to the uniform. This strategy allows the individual to fade into the background and the unit as a whole to be seen.”

Though the new Indianapolis Colts jersey was announced (out of the blue) on April 1, not all fans seemed in on the joke. Many called out the new design, which they said would make it almost impossible to tell players apart.

Others seemed to like the white out jersey design, April Fool joke or not.

Assuming Wednesday’s jersey announcement is an April Fool’s Day joke, it’s going to leave a good number of Colts fans upset.

The Colts weren’t the only ones in the NFL pranking fans on Wednesday. Just a few days after he shocked New England Patriots fans by jumping off a cliff, Tom Brady posted a picture of himself in a hospital bed wearing a full body cast.

But Brady claimed that the injuries were sustained trying to guard Michael Jordan (the two played together in a pickup game during Brady’s vacation).

Those who want to see a photo gallery and video of the new Indianapolis Colts jersey design can check out the Colts website.

[Image via Colts]