Tidal Copies Spotify’s User Interface Right Down To A Tee

The war between Tidal and Spotify wages on. Jay Z’s new streaming service was launched earlier this week. That hasn’t stopped music lovers from comparing the service to Spotify. In fact, the two streaming services look similar. Some users took to Twitter to share a screen grab of the Tidal user interface, which looks a lot like Spotify’s user interface! Now some are wondering if Spotify will sue Jay Z’s new streaming service for copying its look.

This isn’t an April Fool’s joke. As you can see below, the two user interfaces share the same look and photos. You can also open both streaming services to have a look for yourself. Some would say that Tidal “copy and pasted” Spotifiy’s UI. Twitter users have been sharing the photos of Tidal and Spotify, which has been circulating around the Internet.

Just because Tidal looks like Spotify doesn’t mean it’s exactly like it. There are some things that this new music streaming service offers that Spotify doesn’t. Here is a comparison between the two services to see which one better suits you.


This new streaming service allows users to listen to higher quality music on iOS or Android. It’s not yet available for Windows Phone, Windows, or Mac. It includes Lossless High Fidelity music for $19.99 per month, which is double the price of a Spotify premium subscription, according to Gotta Be Mobile. The new Tidal Premium subscription is $9.99 but it includes Hi-Fi Non-Lossless music quality. Subscribers not only get access to over 25 million music tracks and 75,000 HD music videos, but they also have access to curated playlists, studio sessions, rough tracks, merchandise and editorial content created by music journalists and industry experts. The music is also advertisement free.


This company offers three subscription options: Spotify Free, Spotify Unlimited, and Spotify Premium. Spotify Free allows users to listen to millions of music tracks on their desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. It also allows them to browse and make playlists based on moods, genres, and whatnot. Spotify Unlimited costs $4.99 per month but gives users access to instant streaming and has no ads when listening to Spotify Radio. Spotify Premium is $9.99 per month and includes everything previously mentioned along with offline mode on computer or mobile, enhanced sound quality, and exclusive content, according to Tech Times. Users can also play any song at all, without ads.

You should also note that all of Taylor Swift’s discography is available on Tidal. The singer pulled her library from Spotify months ago after complaining about the service’s pay structure. Also available on Tidal is Rihanna’s new single “B**ch Better Have My Money,” which gives a whole new meaning to the song.

Jay Z is not the only one who owns the service. It’s also owned by Arcade Fire, Beyonce, Coldplay, Calvin Harris, Madonna, Rihanna, and many more. The artists reportedly earn $3 million plus 3 percent, but it’s unclear as to how this new streaming service benefits indie and underground artists. When a song is played on Spotify, artists and creators can earn between $0.006 and $0.0084, according to The Metro.

Tidal currently has 17,000 paid subscribers at this time; according to the Tech Times report. Spotify just surpassed 15 million subscribers and has over 60 million active users as of January 2015. Also, Spotify has over 30 million songs, while Tidal only offers 25 million. Only time will tell if Tidal will be able to catch up with Spotify.

[Image: Screen grab/Twitter]