UberX Driver Arrested For Attempting To Rob A Woman’s Home, After Dropping Her At Airport

An UberX driver has been arrested and currently faces charges of burglary. Apparently, he dropped off his female passenger and returned to rob her apartment.

Police in Denver arrested an UberX driver on suspicion of attempting to loot a woman’s house after he dropped her off at the airport. This incident is the latest that raises serious safety concerns regarding the hugely popular ride-sharing app.

Gerald Montgomery, 51, was taken into custody on suspicion of attempted second-degree burglary, a felony. He has been accused of attempting to break in through the backdoor of the woman’s home. Apparently, he did not manage to steal anything because the woman’s roommate witnessed his entry, causing him to flee the scene. When UberX was made aware of the same, Uber spokesman Taylor Patterson said,

“Upon learning about this incident from our valued rider, we immediately deactivated the driver’s access to the platform, pending a full investigation. We remain committed to supporting Denver law enforcement in any way we can.”

Uber claims to perform a three-step screening process that includes a county, federal, and multistate background check. Interestingly, Montgomery doesn’t have any prior arrests or convictions. In fact, Uber database indicates he has no criminal history, at least in Colorado. After the arrest, Uber reiterated its commitment of cooperating with the law and working closely with the police department to facilitate and accelerate the apprehension of individuals who are accused of crimes.

UberX is a low-cost version of the wildly successful ride-sharing program. Along with enjoying huge popularity, the platform has attracted severe public criticism and even been the subject of multiple legal proceedings, including the attempted rape of a Philadelphia woman, a little over a week ago.

Montgomery was arrested based on the testimony of the roommate and confirmation from the woman, whose identity isn’t being revealed by the cops. Though Uber has barred the individual from servicing the clientele, the platform has been in hot water on multiple occasions. Citizens and customers alike have often complained about the poor service & extortion by the drivers. But, since Uber is a private company, majority of the complaints are handled ‘internally’, barring a few serious ones.

Uber drivers operate their own vehicles and are not subject to the same license requirements as taxi or livery drivers. Uber officials added that they have spoken with Montgomery’s passenger and refunded her ride. But are these steps enough to maintain its credibility?

[Image Credit | Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters, Denver Police]