Grandma Who Has Slept With Over 1,000 Men: ‘I Don’t Consider Myself A Nymphomaniac’

A grandma who lives at a retirement village in Oroville, California, and these days spends most of her time knitting, claims she has slept with over a thousand men, some as young as 18.

The sassy cougar-grandma, Shirley Andrews, even has a tattoo circling her nipple that reads “Gang Bang Queen” to prove she is a sex-goddess, which seems to be the case, despite the knitting.

So into sex is Andrews that some years back, she took part in some special niche porn movies with much younger men and now reportedly has fans from around the world who send her messages, nude pictures, and even requests to meet her.

As Andrews told reporters, “I started doing porn work in 2008, all amateur. I made all of the videos at home. And I started posting them online and I just got rave reviews. I just felt like a princess.”

For now, 80-year-old Andrews claims that while she has five guys on the go below the age of 30 at the moment, she is not a nymphomaniac.

“I have had numerous proposals in the last five years, but none of them were with anyone I would want to spend the rest of my life with. I would say I’ve slept with around a thousand men but I think it would probably be a little bit more than that. I don’t consider myself a nymphomaniac by any means but I’m probably close to it.”

And despite the fact that she has slept with so many men and done porn, Andrews reckons she is much like any other granny her age, as she told reporters.

“I currently live in a senior complex. I love to knit – I’m always knitting, crochet as well. I make a lot of gifts that way. Plus it keeps me busy and out of trouble. It seems to be my middle name – trouble.”

[Image credit: modifikasi]