R2-D2 Shows Us What Lengths A Droid Will Go To In The Name Of Love [VIDEO]

While C-3P0 is undoubtedly out and about making logical observations and offering to translate one of the six million languages he speaks, his spunkier Star Wars sidekick R2-D2 is focusing on the universal language…love.

A new fan made film short entitled Artoo in Love was created by an Autodesk employee with a little help from effects artist Landis Fields at Lucasfilms. The three minute film features Star WarsR2-D2 making romantic overtures toward, of all things, a little blue mailbox with a pink bow.

While Star Wars fans melt every time they hear a little bleep and whistle coming out of R2-D2’s non-existent mouth, the snooty mailbox somehow manages to keep any feelings she has for Artoo at bay. R2 breaks out the wine and flowers and even tries to summon a little help from Star Wars power couple Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Watch a smitten R2-D2 pull out all of the stops, hoping for some affection in return:

Artoo in Love made it’s debut at the Sonoma Film Festival this past weekend, and since then, it has been making the rounds on social media eliciting sweet sentiments from Star Wars and R2-D2 fans across the globe. And it’s all thanks to one Star Wars superfan, Evan Atherton. Atherton got permission from Autodesk to utilize their 3D printers and other cutting edge equipment, which allowed him to re-create R2-D2. Atherton and some colleagues put in two years of manpower to put together Artoo in Love.

Though Star Wars is a timeless classic, Atherton’s release of the short was impeccable with the newest Star Wars film set to be released later this year. The plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been under heavy guard, and fans were thrilled to hear of the possibility of a new trailer next month ahead of the new Avengers film. One thing fans of R2 won’t have to worry about is whether or not the lovable droid is involved in the new film.

R2-D2 and his loyal companion C-3P0 are the only two characters to make appearances in every film of the Star Wars franchise, and though C-3P0 may be the only one with the true ability to speak whatever language R2-D2 is beeping, it’s not what R2 says but how he says it that has made him a fan favorite. Star Wars fans are sure to agree that Artoo in Love captures the droid’s essence.

For more information on how R2-D2’s love story was made, visit the official Artoo in Love website here.

[Image courtesy of Comic Book Resources]