Static Balloon Cat: Feline Plays With Birthday Balloons In Viral Video

A cat decided to play with birthday balloons, getting a few stuck on him in a fun viral video. According to News 3, Kara Osbak decided to film her 8-month-old cat having some fun with her husband’s birthday balloons. Little did she realize — the internet loves cat videos!

“I prepared a small avalanche of balloons to fall on on him when he opened the bedroom door in the morning.. It kinda worked. But then our 8mo kitten got involved and it escalated quickly,” Kara said. Over 30,000 people have watched the YouTube video since it was posted on Friday.

According to the Irish Mirror, the cat got extremely playful with the balloons, many of which were sticking to his fur due to static electricity. The cat wasn’t spooked however, and continued pawing at the balloons, clearly entertaining himself.

If you love cat videos, check out this one. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it’s a compilation of clips of Luna, a.k.a. the “7lb nutball.”

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]