LeBron James Really Only Has Three Close Friends

Kevin Love may not be “best friends” with LeBron James, but that’s OK because as it turns out, LeBron really only has three good friends in the NBA.

Recently, Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love has caused a bit of a controversy in the sports world. According to a recent interview with ESPN’s Mike & Mike, Love feels that he had the team’s star player are “not best friends.” Such a revelation may not be as big of a deal as previously imagined, however.

In a recent follow up interview with Joe Vardon of Northeast Ohio Media Group, James revealed that even though he and Love may not be “best friends,” he really isn’t “friends” with a whole lot of people in the NBA. James stated as follows.

“People get so infatuated with the best of friends, things of that nature,” James said. “First of all, I’ve got three very good friends in this league, and that’s Carmelo [Anthony], and that’s C.P. [Chris Paul], and that’s D-Wade. And after that I have a bunch of teammates. I have guys I ride for every day.”

All of this supposed drama came on the heels of a recent Instagram picture from James, which featured several of his Cleveland teammates, with the exception of Love. Despite all of the fuss surrounding the lack of best-friendliness on the Cavaliers, LeBron seems intent on remaining focused on one thing — the success of the team.

“In order for us to reach our potential, the Big Three has to be big and it can’t just be Kyrie one night, me one night, and Kev. We all have to be clicking at the same time in order for us to be successful.”

This determination to remain focused on winning games seems to be an effective strategy for James. According to statistics amassed by Joe Vardon, James is averaging 25.9 points, 7.1 assists, and 6.4 boards during a recent stretch of games. James is not the only Cavalier performing well. Kyrie Irving is currently averaging 23.1 points and 5.1 assists. Love is also doing well this season, with a current average of 16 points and 10 rebounds.

These rather impressive statistics seem to suggest that the Cavaliers as an organization have not allowed this behind-the-scenes drama to affect their performance on the court. As Kyle Newport from Bleacher Report points out, if the Cavaliers go onto win the championship this season, then these talks of personal drama will likely fade away. It is also worth pointing out that should the Cavaliers win the championship this year, Lebron will have as many championships as he has friends — three.

[Image credit to Chicago Tribune]