Jeremy Lin Rookie Card Sells for $21,580 at eBay Auction

Jeremy Lin is currently having a rookie season on par with some of the NBA’s greatest players and the price of his rookie card reflects it. A Jeremy Lin rookie card attracted some serious bidders with some serious cash today on eBay and ended up fetching more than $21,000.

The Jeremy Lin rookie card sold for $21,580.

The $20,000 Jeremy Lin rookie card is one of many pieces of Lin memorabilia currently up for auction, but this card was special. The card was autographed by Jeremy Lin. It was also the 17th card from a 25 card set. Jeremy Lin’s number is 17.

The card was purchased by Yair Rozmaryn for $1,000 earlier this month. Rozmaryn admits that $1000 was a bit much to pay for the card at the time, but Lin’s popularity has soared in subsequent weeks. Rozmaryn said:

“Well first of all, I’m a lunatic. I figured hey, if this kid could take off there’s a real big market for him. So why not take the chance?”

Rozmaryn’s gamble paid off. His $1000 investment turned into $21,580 in just a few weeks.

If you didn’t get a chance to bid on the Jeremy Lin rookie card, there are still plenty of pieces of Lin memorabilia up for sale on eBay. EBay currently has currently has a whole Jeremy Lin section where fans can bid on t-shirts, posters, jerseys, autographs, and of course more cards.

Do you think an autographed Jeremy Lin rookie card is worth $21,000? Lin will take on Lebron James and the Miami Heat tonight. Do you think the Linsanity will continue?

If you can’t afford to drop a few grand on a basketball card, you can still get some sweet Lin gear. Nike is expected to start selling a Jeremy Lin shoe soon.