Creators Of ‘The Sims 4’ Detail A Number of Features, Activities Found In New ‘Get To Work’ Expansion, Out Now

Get to Work, the first content expansion for The Sims 4 is officially released in North America. The expansion’s release was dated some time ago, and makers of the game confirmed its launch on the official Facebook account for The Sims 4 today. Get to Work will release in other regions over the next few days.

To celebrate the launch, a look at eight different things that can be done with the expansion were published on the official The Sims 4 website. Those that have been following Get to Work‘s development might be familiar with these features, but those looking to learn more about the expansion will want to check them out. Even players familiar with Get to Work‘s mechanics may find out more about the expansion with the list.

In Get to Work, players can have their Sims take on new active jobs where they actively participate in the Sims’ work life. Three active jobs are included in the expansion; players can choose to become a doctor, a detective, or a scientist and control their Sim at the corresponding workplace. For example, Sim doctors work at hospitals where they treat patients, reliever babies, and perform surgery. As the list notes, these Sims can even perform house calls to sick Sims.

With the detective career line, players can have Sims investigate crimes, gather clues, and arrest other Sims. Since players can control their detective Sim while at work, they get to decide what kind of detective that Sim will be. As for the scientist job, players can create a number of inventions worthy of any good supervillain. For example, the list of features unique to Get to Work states that a scientist will be able to make the SimRay; an item that mind controls other Sims, and the Satellite Dish; an item that increases the creator’s chance of being abducted by aliens.

Finally, Get to Work lets players have their Sims run their own businesses by selling items from Buy Mode or even using Sim creations as wares. These entrepreneurial Sims choose everything about their business from what they sell to their salespeople. In fact, players can start by building a new establishment to sell their goods in the new neighborhood Magnolia Promenade.

The list of things to do in Get to Work concludes with the addition of two new skills for Sims to master. Both skills pair nicely with the theme of Get to Work since they can be sold to other Sims for a profit. Sims can now bake magnificent cakes, cookies, and more with the new bakery skill. Finally, the new photography skill lets Sims capture a moment in time even setting filters afterward for the perfect look.

The Inquisitir reported on The Sims 4 pre-expansion pack just days ago. The patch added an additional floor above ground and two floors beneath as basements. There is even a Bunny Egg Hunt going on now. Are Get to Work and its new jobs enticing enough for you to pick up right away?

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