‘Neverwinter’ Free-To-Play ‘Dungeons And Dragons’ MMO Now Available On Xbox One

Xbox One players can step into the world of the Forgotten Realms today with the launch of the Dungeons and Dragons MMO, Neverwinter. As announced via Perfect World Entertainment’s official Neverwinter website, the free-to-play game released today on the console in 33 regions.

“With this launch, adventurers can jump into the living world of the Forgotten Realms as they explore strange environments like Icespire Peak and Pirate’s Skyhold as you experience classic Dungeons & Dragons creatures. In the free download, adventures will also be able to access the classes available through the Tyranny of Dragons expansion including the Scourge Warlock and access all in-game content.”

Right now, any Xbox One player can jump on and play for free just by downloading the game from the Xbox Store, either from the console itself or through the Xbox One product page for Neverwinter. The file size is a little over 10 gigs. Starting on April 2, Xbox Gold will be required to play, however.

The free-to-play game developed by Cryptic Studios, known for Champions Online and Star Trek Online, uses a classic Dungeons and Dungeons foundation with an emphasis on action-oriented combat. Features include NPC companions, both animal and humanoid, that aid heroes in their adventures.

As stated, content previously seen in the PC version of Neverwinter is also included in the Xbox One version. For example, the “Tyranny of Dragons” campaign is included in the Xbox One Neverwinter. This campaign includes artifact gear that levels up with the player, a storyline that occurs on the Sword Coast, the addition of the Scourge Warlock, and much more.

“Set on the Sword Coast, Tyranny of Dragons tells the story of a rogue faction of the Cult of the Dragon desperately trying to free the Queen of Evil Dragons, Tiamat. Doing so will unleash her on Neverwinter and all of Toril. Seeing this, five factions from around the Sword Coast have put aside their differences to work together in defending the realms against the Cult.”

As with many MMO game launches, some issues are affecting a number of players’ ability to connect to the game, matchmake, or link a Perfect World Entertainment Arc account. Players can follow the official Twitter account for Neverwinter for quick updates or solutions to issues like this. The game’s official forums are also a boon of support for issues, but they are also an area of interest for players to discuss Neverwinter on Xbox One.

Inquisitr reported on Neverwinter‘s arrival on the Xbox One back in February. Will you be picking up the free-to-play MMO on the Xbox One?

[Images via Xbox]