Live Online Video: Aaron Hernandez Trial — Will Ex-NFL Star Walk On Murder Rap? Streaming Coverage

Want to watch live online video of the Aaron Hernandez murder trial? The Inquisitr has full streaming coverage for you right on this page, courtesy of Livestream. Check with the live video feed below to see if the former New England Patriots star tight end will walk on the charge of murdering his friend Odin Lloyd.

The live online video feed can also be accessed at this link, along with replay coverage of previous testimony in the dramatic trial that will enter its 38th day Wednesday in a Fall River, Massachusetts, courtroom.

Some legal experts fear that the 25-year-old former First Team All American at the University of Florida, who played in the Patriots’ 2012 Super Bowl 46 loss to the New York Giants, will be acquitted of the murder charge even though evidence presented at the trial appears to clearly place him at the scene of Lloyd’s execution-style killing, with two other men, on June 17, 2013.

But prosecutors have so far presented no motive for the slaying on Hernandez’s part and nothing links the once-promising receiver to the gun used to kill Lloyd — because the murder weapon has never been found.

So far, the most dramatic moments of the seven-week trial have come in the last two days of testimony, which saw Hernandez’s longtime girlfriend and more recently, finacée, Shayanna Jenkins take the stand.

While commentators are uncertain whether Jenkins, who spent much of her testimony claiming that her memory of various events had disappeared, has helped either the prosecution or Hernandez’s defense, her account of disposing of a box, whose contents remain unknown, at the request of Aaron Hernandez may raise questions in juror’s minds.

Jenkins said that she went to great lengths to dispose of the box, which she described as weighing up to 40 pounds, placing it in a trash bag then covering it with baby clothes to further conceal it. She drove through several nearby town looking for a place to safely dispose of the mysterious box, finally leaving it in a dumpster.

But Jenkins claimed that she had no recollection of where that dumpster was. She also testified that she never asked Hernandez what was in the box — and that after she got rid of it, the couple never spoke of the box or her disposal of it again.

Prosecutors believe that the murder weapon was in the box, which police have never found despite an extensive search effort.

Live online video of the Aaron Hernandez trial streams most weekdays starting around 9 am Eastern Time. Be aware that the video will cut off during confidential “sidebar” conversations between the judge and attorneys, or at any other time the court orders.

[Image: Jared Wickerham/Getty Images]