WWE To Break Up Rusev And Lana?

Rusev and Lana have become one of WWE’s best acts over the past year, but sadly, their on-screen partnership could be coming to an end very soon, after Rusev blamed Lana for his loss to John Cena at WrestleMania.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the possibility of Rusev and Lana being separated on the post-WrestleMania edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, and they both agreed that it would be an awful idea. Both of them are hoping that the tension between Rusev and Lana ends up being a swerve, and that they’ll once again be on good terms in the near-future.

Nobody knows exactly what the future would hold for Lana if WWE splits her and Rusev up, but most people believe that it will be a bad idea, and have compared it to when WWE split up Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. It’s possible that WWE could put Lana with someone else, and turn her babyface, but — for the most part — babyface managers almost never work.

Rusev did appear at last night’s RAW, but he didn’t accept John Cena’s open challenge, which is making people think that the John Cena vs. Rusev storyline could be done. Furthermore, Rusev came to the ring alone, and destroyed Goldust. The announcers acted surprised that Rusev was there, because he didn’t accept Cena’s open challenge earlier in the show, and the reason Rusev came to the ring alone could be because Lana was “injured” at WrestleMania.

During Lana’s absence, the WWE fans in attendance have been chanting “WE WANT LANA!” but when she appeared at WrestleMania, she didn’t get a babyface reaction. During the WrestleMania pre-show, it appeared that her and Rusev had made up, as she vowed to “never show weakness again.”

Lana’s initial absence was due to her starring in an upcoming WWE Films production called Interrogation, which is still in production. So, it’s likely that she missed RAW last night because she had to return to filming.

Even though Rusev didn’t confront John Cena last night, it’s still expected that the two of them will have a rematch for the United States Championship at Extreme Rules. So, if WWE is going to do a Lana and Rusev breakup, it will likely take place at Extreme Rules.

Rusev has been paired with Lana for the duration of his NXT and WWE run, but it appears that WWE is interested in seeing how he does on his own.

[Image via WWE]