WWE News: When Will Brock Lesnar Return From His Suspension?

Last night, Brock Lesnar was temporarily written off of WWE television via an indefinite suspension following him destroying everyone in sight during RAW. If you haven’t seen the clip, you can check it out below (it’s worth your time), as it was the best thing that’s happened on RAW in several years.

Plenty of WWE fans are comparing Brock Lesnar to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin following his anti-authority showing on last night’s RAW. Former WWE play-by-play announcer Jim Ross has said on his podcast that he feels like Brock Lesnar is “a frog’s hair away” from becoming the biggest babyface the WWE has seen since “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who was arguably the most popular star in WWE history.

At some point, Brock Lesnar will get his WWE World Heavyweight Championship rematch, but when? Since Lesnar’s return to WWE, he has traditionally worked Extreme Rules, but it appears that he won’t be working that show this year. So, the most likely possibility is that he’ll return this summer, and get his rematch against Rollins at SummerSlam.

There are people who are still predicting that Paul Heyman will turn on Brock Lesnar at some point, but it appears that Heyman will be sticking with Lesnar, as Lesnar doesn’t like doing much talking. Heyman has been a heel during his entire WWE career, so being a babyface is something new to him, but it’s definitely something that he’s going to excel at.

People within WWE are expecting Lesnar to become one of their biggest merchandise sellers, especially once they produce the “Suplex City” t-shirts, which will likely come out upon Lesnar’s return.

Lesnar was able to get a raise when he re-signed with WWE, but nobody knows exactly what the details of his contract is. There’s a possibility that WWE gave Lesnar more money to work more dates, so he could come back a lot sooner than SummerSlam in August, but if you’re going on the details of his previous deal, they point to him not returning until the summer.

As for Rollins’ next opponent, well, it looks like he’ll be taking on Randy Orton at Extreme Rules. There’s also a possibility that Roman Reigns could be added to the match if WWE can’t think of a better idea for him. The fans viciously booed Reigns last night, but that was to be expected, as the post-WrestleMania RAW crowd is traditionally the most wild and hardcore crowd that WWE has all year.

[Image via WWE]