‘Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams To Guest Star On ‘Doctor Who’

Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, is excited to be guest starring on Doctor Who next season. Little is known about her character and place in the long-running BBC science fiction show, except that she’ll challenge the doctor and give him the “right sort of hell.”

According to Time Magazine, Maisie Williams said on her first day of shooting, she was excited to be there.

”I’m so excited to be working on Doctor Who as it’s such a big and important part of British culture. I can’t wait to meet the cast and crew and start filming, especially as we’ll be shooting not too far from my home town.”

Taking a break from sword fighting to do a little time travel is probably pretty fun too. Executive producer Steven Moffat talked a little about Williams’ appearance, but didn’t give away too many details.

“We’re thrilled to have Maisie Williams joining us on Doctor Who. It’s not possible to say too much about who or what she’s playing, but she is going to challenge the Doctor in very unexpected ways. This time he might just be out of his depth, and we know Maisie is going to give him exactly the right sort of hell.”

Unfortunately for Williams’ fans, they won’t be able to see her appearance on Doctor Who until it returns in the Fall. Until then, they’ll have to be satisfied with her character Arya Stark in Game of Thrones season 5.

The Guardian reports that Maisie Williams was at the Tower of London last month to debut the fifth season of Game of Thrones, joined by fellow cast members Kit Harington, Gwendoline Christie, Sophie Turner and Alfie Allen.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Williams told the Guardian the fifth season was the end of the road for her headstrong character Arya Stark.

“There’s a big ending for Arya. They’re basically breaking her down, and you get to see behind the cracks.”

Although Game of Thrones is Williams’ primary claim to fame, she’s recently become known for her work in the documentary series Cyberbully, which contains subject matter the young actress is all too familiar with.

Maisie said to the Guardian that after the GoT started becoming famous, one of the biggest obstacles she faced was harassment online.

“I had an awful time. It was around the time I was starting to act, and I knew exactly who it was, but it was all anonymous. Just awful things.”

Maisie Williams’ career went even further, making her an international star. She is now taking another big leap onto the popular, and culturally important, Doctor Who.

[Image Credit: Getty Images]