Rottweiler Doesn’t Give Up Even After Quadruple Amputation

Though this Rottweiler could have become depressed, instead, it has embraced life. A team of vets has equipped Brutus with four prosthetic limbs.

As reported by Fox News 31 – Denver, Brutus the Rottweiler suffered frost bite on all four of his limbs. This is why he had to become an amputee. However, it’s also reported that the Rottie is adjusting to his outside environment slowly, but surely. At two years of age, the dog seems to enjoy life, regardless of his current situation.

Brutus’ owner, Laura Aquilina, wants to give the Rottweiler more in his life. Like any other good parent, she wants the best for him. During an interview with the news medium, the Rottie’s owner stated as follows.

“[When] you gotta explain to an animal why you’re putting these contraptions on his feet. [It’s like] you can’t explain to them that it’s to help them.”

“It’s not always pretty. We want to be able to give him a higher function where he can run and play with other dogs and go on hikes.”

However, until then, she and Brutus are making the most of the circumstance. She exercises with the Rottweiler daily, attempting to build on his balance.

As Orthopets founder Martin Kaufman mentions, Brutus is an extraordinary animal.

“Brutus is an amazing case. [He’s] A beautiful dog who was dealt a pretty short hand. He can get out and enjoy normal, doggy things. And it just makes you feel so good.”

Though this Rottweiler is an exceptional case, Kaufman’s company caters to approximately 250 animals worldwide annually.

Nonetheless, because of the prosthetic additions to the Rottie’s limbs, he has a much higher step than normal. It’s said that, sometimes, he resembles a “bucking bronco.” However, maybe that’s just his zeal for life?

All in all, Brutus is a Rottweiler who seemingly doesn’t know the meaning of failure. And with Laura Aquilina by his side, he should continue to get the best companionship and help appreciated.

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[Photo Credits: YouTube ; Video Credits: Fox News 31 – Denver]