UC Berkeley Soccer Team Mourns Death Of Formerly Missing Eloi Vasquez

Just days after UC Berkley soccer player Eloi Vasquez was reported missing, police confirmed that Eloi was found dead. Reportedly, the student left a party at his fraternity house Tau Kappa Epsilon and walked directly onto the Los Angeles freeway.

The knowledge of Mr. Vasquez's whereabouts took a while to uncover. The student was reported missing until a report that a 2009 Chevy Impala driving 60 mph eastbound on 10 interstate hit a man and was "unable to avoid the pedestrian," according to the Los Angeles Times. Once the police were able to confirm that the pedestrian was in fact, Eloi Vasquez, his fellow soccer players took to Twitter to express their condolences.

On Monday, a press conference was held at which the head coach gave a short speech. The coach boasted about Eloi's talents and potential to make it in the majors.
"It was a safe bet he was headed to the MLS. Eloi was a wonderful teammate. He was very close to all of his players. And our guys are grieving pretty hard right now."
Recently, a friend of Eloi's spoke to local news channel KNBC-TV where he admitted that Eloi called him the night of his disappearance asking for help. The call reportedly came in at 2:18 a.m., and Eloi Vaquez told his friend he was lost and afraid. Police reports shows that minutes later at 2:25 a.m., Eloi was struck by the 45-year-old woman in the Impala. His friends, feeling slightly responsible for him, also spoke at Monday's press conference.
"He always put the team before himself and he bought into our culture right away. On the field he pushed everyone to do their best and be a better player."

"On the field he pushed everyone to do their best and be a better player."

As the investigation of the events leading to Eloi Vasquez's death is ongoing, reports from Eloi's autopsy and toxicology reports are still pending. It is expected that his cause of death will read "blunt force trauma," but the fact that a confused and lost Eloi wandered onto the freeway in the first place, leave people wondering if some kind of substance was involved. CHP spokesman, Edgar Figeroa made an official statement about the questions that still exist in Eloi's case.
"We don't know how he got there, if he was dropped off or if he walked up an off ramp."
The coroner's office expects to have the results of Eloi's toxicology report in about six weeks. In the meantime, friends and family members continue to mourn the death of soccer star, Eloi Vasquez.

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