280 Pound Xbox Addict Lost Half His Body Weight And Now Wants To Join The Marines

A teenager who weighed a staggering 280 pounds by the time he was 14, and was addicted to video games and Chinese take-out, lost half of his body weight due to his aspirations to join the marines.

The young man, from Waterlooville in Britain, ditched the Xbox and the fast food, and began training instead, usually for up to five hours per day, while eating healthily.

As he is determined to join the marines as a career, Jai Harms is now nine months into a course at the Military Preparation College in Portsmouth.

He told reporters about his transformation from obese to ripped.

“It was pretty bad – I would eat what I want, when I wanted. I would make regular trips to McDonald’s and order McFlurrys and milkshakes with my meals and my lunch was normally four bacon rolls. My dad used to work for a Chinese restaurant too as he delivered food and at the end of the every day we used to get free meals. When I was in school I barely moved. I would just sit around and play on my Xbox for 12 hours a day, probably more, from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. I would play car racing games and FIFA football but I don’t even look at the Xbox now.”

When the situation got too heavy to handle, Jai decided to start running three times a week and began boxing, leading him to lose an average of two to four pounds a week.

As Jai shared with reporters, “I always wanted to look like Floyd Mayweather the boxer – he’s my biggest inspiration in life. I also watched a lot of TV programmes about people wanting to lose weight, like A Year To Save My Life, and thought ‘if they can do it, then I can do it.”‘

Jai explained how his parents were an integral part of his weight loss, “My parents are really supportive and are constantly pushing me – mum has made me healthy lunches and dad has been there training me from the start,” he said.

For the time being, Jai said he eats mainly pasta and chicken, along with a bunch of protein shakes between his five hours of daily workouts at the military college.

And on top of the physical success, Jai has also been working on his academic skills, as he shared, “I am now much more confident, organised and am improving on my maths and English too. My friends and family are so proud and they don’t stop telling me how well I’ve done, especially my dad, my military instructors and my boxing coaches.”

Meanwhile, Nathan Gibbons, Head of Physical Literacy at MPCT, said about Jai, “It’s amazing to see how Jai has turned his life by getting fit, healthy and motivated. He is living proof that with the right amount of hard work, determination and support, young people can achieve incredible things.”

[Image Credit: Heathland.com]