‘Supernatural’ Season 10 Spoilers: Sam Turns To Bobby For Help With Dean

Sam is turning to someone very familiar for help in the next Supernatural episode, season 10 episode 17, “Inside Man,” while Dean is going to be a bit busy facing off against a certain King of Hell’s mother. Will either of them make any progress in finding a way to get rid of the Mark of Cain?

In this next Supernatural episode, Sam and Castiel follow up on a lead about the Mark of Cain, while Dean and Rowena meet again. Also, Jim Beaver returns as Bobby Singer. The promo, which you can watch below, from the CW and the promotional photos posted by TV Fanatic for the episode offer a look at just that. Sam tells Castiel that Dean’s getting worse, and a quick look at Dean in a bar shows how true that is. While Sam and Castiel are going to be participating in a séance, Bobby is going to be confronting someone and Sam and Castiel try to get answers out of Metatron, it’s Dean versus Rowena in a bar.

The CW has also released a Supernatural sneak peek from “Inside Man” teasing just how Sam is able to get away from Dean in order to go off with Castiel to look into the Mark of Cain. With no hunts for them, the Winchesters have a day off, and Sam tells his brother he’s going to see a movie. When Dean seems to be on board with that plan, however, he comes up with a plot for a movie that Dean would never want to go see.

“It’s a French movie,” Sam says. “It’s about a mime that’s secretly a cockroach.”

Sam also tells him it’s playing in Wichita, so he won’t be back until morning, giving himself the time he needs.

Also, Entertainment Weekly has posted a Supernatural sneak peek showing Sam and Castiel reaching out to Bobby in heaven, via radio.

“Hey, Sam, you remember when this job was just chopping up some fang and then tossing back a cold one?” Bobby reminisces.

Those were the days. But then it’s back to business, and what they’re asking Bobby to do isn’t without its risks. The angels will be looking for him, and they don’t have any way to really help him out. Sam, however, is convinced that he’ll figure out something like he always does, but Bobby reminds him that things aren’t how they used to be.

“I ain’t exactly playing on the big leagues these days. I’m mostly drinking and reading the classics. The truth is, I’m rusty. Maybe there’s somebody better out there.”

“There isn’t, Bobby, and with Dean the way he is, this is all we got,” Sam tells him.

That means Bobby has to do this. There’s no rest for the dead in their profession. Are they asking Bobby to help them get to Metatron? After what Dean did to him, the angels aren’t exactly going to be jumping to hand him over again.

Supernatural season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

[Image via the CW]