50 Percent Of Women Have No Idea What A ‘Normal’ Vagina Looks Like, Research Finds

According to new research, up to 50 percent of women have no idea what a “normal” vagina is supposed to look like, while one in seven have considered having cosmetic surgery of some sort “down there.”

The study, which was carried out by Beauty Heaven, has a number of people concerned about the fact that most women are closed when it comes to discussing their vaginas.

One such concerned party is Dr. Rebecca Deans, Gynaecologist at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women.

“Women should be aware of all parts of their body, including their vagina. I have researched the topic in depth and found that because women are so shy about it, their perceptions about what’s normal or healthy are sometimes really inaccurate which is leading to insecurities and potentially an increase in surgery.”

One of the vaginal procedures women undergo is a labiaplasty, also known as labia minora reduction or labial reduction, where skin around the vulva is cut away.

The research carried out by the website included responses from 1,000 women in Australia, and it also revealed that the same number, 50 percent of women, are very self-conscious about their vaginas, and worry whether they look “normal” or not.

As Dr. Deans added, “From a health perspective, it is important you know what’s right so you can spot anything that’s wrong. We urge women to talk openly about their vagina to friends and medical professionals.”

The research also found that only 15 percent of women questioned had seen a vagina other than their own, while many felt more comfortable calling them names like vadge and lady bits.

The editor of Beauty Heaven Carli Alman said, “Women don’t know how to broach the subject with friends and feel uncomfortable bringing it up – let alone talking about it. It seems it’s easier for women to talk about men’s anatomy rather than their own.”

[Image credit: NBC]