Stabbed Boyfriend Salsa: Man Eats All Of Couple’s Salsa, Gets Stabbed By His Girlfriend


A woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend for eating salsa… yes, you read that right.

The bizarre story comes from northeast Ohio, where a woman named Phyllis Jefferson was so upset that her boyfriend, Ronnie Buckner, ate all of the couple’s salsa, she stabbed him. According to Yahoo! News, Jefferson got really upset because Buckner was eating too much of the salsa, and apparently he wasn’t really sharing with her. She started yelling at him, but things escalated quickly. Buckner says that his girlfriend stabbed him several times with a pen. Things got even more serious. She threatened to knock over the television, clearly on a rampage, and then she got furious. She went to the kitchen to get a knife, and continued assaulting her beau.

“Buckner said he was trying to catch a television that Jefferson had knocked over when she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him again,” reports Yahoo! News.

The woman who allegedly stabbed her boyfriend over salsa fled the scene. According to People Magazine, when authorities responded to an emergency call, they found Buckner, 61, inside the home, clutching his stomach. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Buckner had stab wounds to his groin area from the pen, and additional bleeding wounds on his stomach from the knife. It is unclear how many times he was stabbed, or how deep his wounds were. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. He is expected to be okay.

After getting the information from Buckner, police went looking for Jefferson. Cops caught up with her on Interstate 77. Once she was pulled over, reports indicate that she confessed to stabbing her boyfriend, telling police that she got violent with her boyfriend because she “wanted to leave.” It is unknown if Jefferson mentioned the salsa, or if that was a trigger for something more serious that was going on between the two.

Jefferson was taken into custody, and has been charged with misdemeanor criminal endangering. Further details about this case are unknown. It is also unknown if Jefferson was granted bail, but she is being held at Summit County Jail at this time. She does not appear to have a previous criminal record, which was surprising to some.