Florida Mom Leaves Kids Home Alone To Go To A Bar, Baby Chokes On Cigarette, Police Say

Florida mom Kendra Paige Hampton left her children home alone so she could go to a bar, and her baby almost choked to death on a cigarette left in the ashtray, Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputies say. Hampton has three children, a 1-year-old baby, a 2-year-old child, and a 9-year-old child as well.

Kendra Hampton, 39, left her children in her bedroom on Saturday afternoon so she could meet her boyfriend at a local bar, police reports claim. The Florida mom reportedly left her Palm Coast home and began drinking with her boyfriend at 1 p.m. While the children were home alone, the 1-year-old baby allegedly grabbed a cigarette butt from a “full ashtray” left in the bedroom and nearly died after choking on the nicotine.

child abuse
Kendra Paige Hampton - Florida mom accused of child abuse for leaving three children home alone, baby reportedly choked on used cigarette butt.

Hampton’s boyfriend told News 13 that the mother of three had been “drinking alcohol excessively for the past few months.” The boyfriend also said that Kendra Hampton said she “needed a break” after he had “vacated” the home and decided to head to a bar.

Two other adults also inside the home after she left said that they did not know the mom had left and not taken her three children. One of the adults realized that the children were left in their mother’s bedroom only some time after she left for the bar and sounds of the choking baby became evident. The unidentified adult was ultimately able to pull and pry the cigarette butt out of the baby’s mouth.

Upon her return home, Kendra Hampton and her boyfriend allegedly got into a physical altercation. According to local news channel WESH, the Florida mom punched the boyfriend in the mouth – he was not seriously injured. The fight allegedly started after the boyfriend confronted her about leaving the children unsupervised. One of the adults inside the Palm Coast home called 911 and law enforcement officers arrived on the scene a short time later. The Flagler police officer described Hampton as “combative” upon their arrival.

Kendra Hampton was charged with three felony counts of child neglect, resisting arrest without violence, and domestic violence. She is currently being held at the Flagler County Inmate Facility on a $5,550 bond.

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