Sacha Baron Cohen’s Dictator Character Banned From Oscars

This Sunday the Academy Awards will air live on television and in preparation for that event organizers have told comedian Sacha Baron Cohen that he’s not to show up at the awards ceremony if he chooses to dress up as the “Dictator” his Middle Eastern character that offers a cross between a “”sex-crazed Gadhafi” and crazy as they come “Saddam Hussein.”

The New York Daily News is reporting that Baron Cohen was invited to the awards show because the movie Hugo in which he is in up for Best Picture, however his crazy characters are off limits for the black tie event.

An Academy official tells Reuters he’s invited “but our red carpet is not for stunting.”

In the meantime some people are practically begging for Sacha Baron Cohen to pull a stunt including’s Nikki Finke who notes:

“The prospect of Baron Cohen’s red carpet walk was the closest thing to drama” viewers could expect this year.

Oscar officials may be worried that Sacha will try to pull a stunt like he did during the 2009 MTV Awards when he dressed up as his character Bruno and repelled down from the ceiling butt-first at which point he landed on Eminem’s face.

Do you think Oscar officials are overreacting in regards to Sacha Baron Cohen and what he may or may not do during the Academy Awards?