James Franco: ‘Selena Gomez And I Had A Baby!”

As much as celebrities complain about rumors being spread about them and sue magazines for publishing false stories, one would think they would refrain from spreading rumors about themselves. But that is exactly what James Franco did with his Instagram post on Monday about Selena Gomez.

According to E! Online, Franco took a snapshot of Selena Gomez walking down the street, as she lovingly embraces an infant wrapped up in her arms, smiling sweetly at the newborn child.

And what does 36-year-old Franco decide to do with that photo? He shares it on Instagram with the caption, “Selene and I had a baby. It was born during Sprang Break. @selenagomez,” causing quite an uproar in the social media. What was he thinking? Did he have his dates mixed up and think it was April Fool’s Day already? And to top it off, he didn’t even spell Selena’s name correctly — or “Spring” for that matter.

The photograph was actually snapped on the set of Selena Gomez’s new film, In Dubious Battle, which is an adaptation of the 1936 novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Steinbeck, and directed by James Franco.

According to IMDB, the plot of the In Dubious Battle is a story described as, “In the California apple country, nine hundred migratory workers rise up “in dubious battle” against the landowners. The group takes on a life of its own-stronger than its individual members and more frightening. Led by the doomed Jim Nolan, the strike is founded on his tragic idealism-on the “courage never to submit or yield.”

In addition to Selena Gomez and James Franco’s involvement in the film, In Dubois Battle consists of several A-List celebrities including Josh Hutcherson, Robert Duvall, Ashley Greene, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ahna O’Reilly, and Analeigh Tipton.

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The photo of Selena carrying around the baby was actually taken when Selena, who plays a young mother named Lisa, was practicing walking around the set before filming began. According to Daily Mail, Selena had to practice walking around the uneven ground while carrying a life-like baby doll in order to get her used to the field before entrusting her with the real baby.

Franco took advantage of that moment to make a joke and promote In Dubious Battle in the process.

Selena Gomez appearing to be exhausted during a full day of filming in Georgia.

Gomez and Franco actually worked together previously on the movie Spring Breakers. Selena admits to E! Online that she was a little freaked out by Franco at the time because from the very first moment she met him, he was in character and remained in his character the entire time. She recalls to E! Online her thoughts about Franco at the time.

“He stayed in character the whole time and luckily for me, my character was creeped out by him, because I genuinely was at first.We shot the movie for four weeks, then he came in and walked on set as his character and freaked me out. That’s who I knew, until we started doing press and I realized he’s one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met…He’s really nice, I promise. He’s great.”

Hopefully, Selena was not freaked out by Franco’s Instagram post, although she has yet to comment about it. No word if Justin Bieber found it funny. Best guess is he did not.

[Photo Credit: DailyMail]