Man Prepares His Own Fries At McDonald’s, Angers Employees

When ordering burgers and fries from McDonald’s, have you ever thought about preparing the food yourself?

What would happen, for example, if you decided to walk behind the counter, head directly past the registers, and prepare your own box of fries?

The guy in this now-viral video did just that. He walked behind the counter and headed straight for the fries during a busy workday. Even though no one stopped him from walking behind the counter, several McDonald’s employees expressed themselves before he left — including:

  • the employee that questioned his actions while he prepared the fries
  • the employee that tried to smack the fries out of the man’s hands before he escaped from behind the counter
  • the manager that did not hesitate to use profane language when demanding the man to leave after he took the fries

There have been quite a few viral videos captured inside of fast-food restaurants recently.

For instance, back in February, a McDonald’s employee was apparently upset after getting fired. The video went viral, as it was filmed during his epic meltdown in which he trashed the area behind the counter.

However, not very many videos, if any, have been captured of non-employees walking behind the counter and deciding to prepare their own fries.

The video footage of the man preparing his own fries from McDonald’s was posted on World Star Hip-Hop on Tuesday and has already been viewed over 244,000 times.

[Image Credit: Dollar Photo Club]