Taxi Driver Who Sexually Assaulted Women Who Fell Asleep In Cab Gets Ten Years

A London cab driver has been given 10 years jail time after being found guilty of sexually abusing women passengers who had got drunk after nights out and then fell asleep in his taxi.

The accused man, 52-year-old David Perry, is said to have raped his first victim in the back of his cab after having removed items of her clothing, He attacked his second victim over a year later.

Judge John Lafferty said in court, before sentencing at the Snaresbrook Crown Court in London, that Perry’s victims had suffered “serious psychological harm” as a result of the attacks

The court was told that the victims of the attacks were women in their 20’s who were both very drunk at the time they into the cab, in the early hours of the morning following a night out.

Prosecutor Peter Clement told the court that Perry was in a position of trust when he took of advantage of the women,

“Both victims had been out with friends, both had been drinking and both were at the relevant time highly intoxicated. They were, by virtue of their drunkenness, particularly vulnerable. Their incapacity made them no less deserving than anyone else of being safe. They each sought the security and safety they were entitled to expect from a London taxi – a black cab. He exploited his passengers’ obvious vulnerability for his own sexual gratification.”

Detective Chief Inspector Samantha Price, from Scotland Yard’s sexual offences unit, said the victims did the right thing by reporting Perry, albeit some time after the rapes took place.

As Price said:

“Perry was a taxi driver for some 25 years and I must consider the possibility he may have committed other offences that have not been reported to the police. As part of this investigation we have made detailed inquiries into his past and eliminated unsolved cases from this inquiry. I would now appeal directly to anyone who, as a result of this case, thinks they may have been raped or assaulted by Perry. I would like to reassure anyone worried about coming forward that they will be treated with the utmost sensitivity and specially trained officers will be available to listen to them and support them through each step.”

[Image credit: Swiperrights.]