Seinfeld Actor Daniel von Bargen Shoots Himself In Head

Sad news to report from the Seinfeld family of performers after actor Daniel von Bargen attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head after which he called 911 for help.

Best known for his roles in Seinfeld (Mr. Kruger) and the cult comedy classic Super Troopers (Chief Grady) Bargen was rushed to a Cincinnati hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

After his failed suicide attempt Daniel called 911 and told the operator:

“I’ve shot myself in the head…and I need help.”

“I shot in my temple.”

The 911 dispatcher sent an ambulance to his home and when they asked Daniel if he meant to shoot himself in the head he said he was “supposed to go to the hospital” while added that he “didn’t want to.”

Daniel told the operator that his diabetes was going to require that several of his toes be amputated during his hospital visit.

In the meantime no other details about the actors condition have been revealed to the general public and his people are not commenting on his state of health at this time.

Our best wishes go out to Daniel von Bergen and his family as he struggles for his life following the gunshot wound to his temple.