Nazanin Boniadi's Terrifying Relationship With Tom Cruise And The Church Of Scientology Is Exposed In HBO's 'Going Clear'

Val Powell

HBO's newest Scientology documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief revealed the terrifying story behind Tom Cruise and Nazanin Boniadi's relationship, which was orchestrated by the said religious organization.

During its two-hour run, the film exposed several controversies that the Church of Scientology was involved in, including allegedly blackmailing the actor John Travolta. However, the most appalling revelation that caught the attention of numerous viewers was how Boniadi was groomed to be Cruise's girlfriend.

When the controversial story of their fixed relationship broke out a decade ago, representatives from the church were quick to deny the story. But back in 2012, former Scientologist Paul Haggis confirmed that the Iranian actress was indeed considered by the organization as a potential partner for their highly valued Hollywood member.

The horrifying tale started after Cruise broke up with actress Penelope Cruz. The actor was lamenting about wanting a new girlfriend. Scientology leader David Miscavige heard Cruise's complaints and in order to keep the famous actor close, he decided to play matchmaker.

At that time, Boniadi was a young Scientologist. She was an aspiring actress pursuing a degree in medical school. She was also in a relationship, but that didn't hinder the church. They showed the unknowing youngster the confidential E-meter sessions or confessions of her boyfriend, which revealed that he was cheating on her.

After convincing Boniadi to break up with her boyfriend, the religious organization made the actress believe that she was being cast in Scientology films. Eager to earn her fame, she gladly agreed to the makeover sponsored by the church. They had her braces removed and her hair dyed to Cruise's liking. They also took her on a glamorous shopping spree worth $20,000!

It sounds like a dream, but the actress' nightmare was just starting. The two were able to work out a relationship, but eventually they broke up. However, instead of confronting the actress, Cruise let the church deal with his relationship drama. The organization allegedly shipped off Boniadi to a Scientology center in Clearwater, Florida where she was allegedly punished by taking on grueling physical labor such as cleaning bathrooms with only a toothbrush.

Boniadi eventually left the Church of Scientology and continued to pursue her career as an actress. She played the part of Barney Stinson's girlfriend in the hit series How I Met Your Mother.

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