‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Spoilers: Will Emma Swan Turn Dark?

Once Upon A Time took a dark turn on Sunday night’s episode. The Charming family secret was revealed, and Emma learned about her parents’ actions. Mary Margaret saw her vision from years before come true once Emma Swan learned the lengths her parents went to in order to keep darkness from her.

However, all of their attempts to protect Emma Swan might be for nothing.

Now that Emma knows the truth, it is possible that she could embrace her dark side and turn into a villain. On last night’s episode, fans could see the struggle Emma faced after she learned the truth. She was devastated and angry. That is never a good mix. However, Hook was able to bring her back. He sought her out, and he offer her what comfort he could. She did take it, but she still has to deal with her parents’ actions and the arrival of the Author.

The actor behind Hook, Colin O’Donoghue, shared a coy teaser about Emma Swan and the remaining episodes of this season to TV Line.

“The second half of this season is about the struggles that heroes and villains each have. And what great about the show is it’s never cut and dry. It’s never as easy as a villain is a straight villain or the heroes are pure heroes. They’ve all done something that they regret, but learn from it in a positive way. We’ve seen moments where you could see where Emma could maybe become darker. Whether or not she does is a whole other thing.”

Hook is a rock for Emma, she will need to lean on him more than ever as Once Upon A Time Season 4 continues.

Fans do have a couple of more weeks to wait for the next episode, but they will have a gift waiting for them at the end of that time. The next Once Upon A Time episode, titled “Heart of Gold,” will feature the return of two characters. Robin Hood and The Wicked Witch are both shown in the previews for the next episode.

TV Line also shared new Once Upon A Time episode photos for “Heart of Gold” as well. The photos show Emma with her family as they search for the Author, but the photos also reveal that Gold will find the Author too. Does he find him first?

As for Robin’s time in Oz, he appears to be undercover in the photos, but he will attempt to take Zelena down in his own way. Zelena was the big bad from Once Upon A Time Season 3. The second half of this season has brought new villains to Storybrooke.

Once Upon A Time is still one of ABC’s top shows. In fact, TV By The Numbers reported that Sunday night’s episode was the number one scripted broadcast series that aired.

What do you think? Will Emma Swan become a villain before the end of Once Upon A Time Season 4? The next episode will air on April 12.

[Photo: ABC]