Mormons unhappy with HBO for depicting a Mormon Endowment Ceremony

Duncan Riley

Mormon church leaders are unhappy with HBO over plans to show a "Mormon endowment ceremony" in the drama Big Love Sunday.

Mormon church leaders said that the episode showed a clear indication of HBO's insensitivity toward the church's sacred practices. Members who are privy to such rituals take vows that the details of their activities outside the temple shall not be shared.

"Certainly church members are offended when their most sacred practices are misrepresented or presented without context or understanding," a church statement said.

HBO said it did not intend to be disrespectful of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and apologized.

"Obviously, it was not our intention to do anything disrespectful to the church, but to those who may be offended, we offer our sincere apology," a statement from HBO said, however the network would not be pulling the episode.

Mormon endowment ceremonies are held in Mormon temples for baptisms of the living and the dead. Mormon Apostle Bruce McConkie explained the endowment ceremony as "certain special, spiritual blessings given worthy and faithful saints in the temples...because in and through them the recipients are endowed with power from on high" (Mormon Doctrine, pg. 226-227).