March 30, 2015
Jon Bon Jovi Sells His Manhattan Apartment For $37 Million, Makes A Giant Profit

Jon Bon Jovi is $37 million richer today, and one deep-pocketed New Yorker has a rocking pad.

The Bon Jovi frontman finally sold his Manhattan penthouse after two years on the market. The giant duplex apartment has five bedroom and five-and-a-half bathrooms, and includes a sprawling terrace.

As the New York Daily News noted, the apartment is quite a catch.

"The 7,452-square-foot, six-bedroom pad has a great room with a wood-burning fireplace, a dining area and a chef's kitchen with 11-foot ceilings, a screening room, a private deck and stellar Manhattan views."
Bon Jovi first put the apartment on the market in 2013, asking $42 million at the time, but after a few months he dropped the price to $39.9 million.

That price didn't last long either, as Jon Bon Jovi briefly took the apartment off the market and then brought it back for a more reasonable $37.5 million.

"The consensus seems to be that the apartment was just priced too high, although some brokers apparently blame rich peoples' fear of new mayor Bill de Blasio," NY Curbed noted at the time.

The apartment building has some famous connections. It was once home to Mark Madoff, the son of Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernie Madoff, and Mark actually took his life there in 2010. That apartment is also for sale, but has been stuck on the market at $9 million.

Supermodel Heidi Klum also looked at Jon Bon Jovi's apartment last year, but she ended up passing.

The apartment has now sold, and it appears that Bon Jovi got his (most recent) listing price.

While he's moving out of his sprawling apartment, Jon Bon Jovi has made a home in the recording booth. He confirmed to People magazine that he has a new album in the works, announcing it just after a rare acoustic performance at Manhattan's Kenneth Cole store during New York's Fashion Week.

"I was in the studio all day working on the new record. I walked here from the studio," Bon Jovi said, adding that his inspiration for the album has come from the news.

"I just read the paper, it gives you an opportunity to write something... It's early but I'm about a dozen songs in. I feel good."
The album will be the first in 30 years without guitarist Richie Sambora, who left after the last album was released.

Sambora has moved on to his own solo project, and said he doesn't have any hard feelings about leaving the band.

"It's just insane. It was an insane ride. Thirty years is a good run for anything. Keeping a band together for 30 years is not the easiest thing to do in the world, and we worked really hard at it."
Jon Bon Jovi made a good investment with his giant New York City apartment. He had bought it in 2007 for $24 million, meaning he flipped it for a profit of $13 million and some change in just eight years.

[Image via Curbed]