Did Joan Collins Spoil The Oscars?

Thanks Joan, the most obvious thing in Hollywood has to get confirmed by you three days before I was planning on being bored by it on national television?

Well it isn’t that harsh, but it seems as if The Artist is going to win Best Picture. Most people already know this as it is all that academy members and observers have been talking about for the last three weeks.It just may be that Joan Collins took it too seriously that everyone knew about it.

When asked about her Oscar predictions she said,

Oh, yes, but I’m not going to tell you.”

She then quickly added her little pearl of information,

“I’m a voter, so I’m not allowed to say. But I think it’s called ‘The Artist.'”

A recent Los Angeles Times expose that was released on Sunday took old school Academy members to task for being so undiverse. The expose highlighted the advanced age and lack of diversity among Academy members.

The following are the statistics that the expose came up with. Oscar voters are 94 percent white, 77 percent male and have a median age of 62. Based on that make-up, conventional wisdom is that “The Artist” — a silent and black and white film about an aging silent movie star pushed aside by the advent of talkies — will take home many awards on Sunday night, including Best Picture.