Bam Margera Arrested In New Orleans, Leaves Jail With No Charges

Usually when someone gets arrested police read them their rights and inform them of why they’re being booked, that wasn’t the case however for Jackass star Bam Margera on Tuesday when he was taken into custody after jumping fully clothed into a pool during a Mardi Gras celebration.

Margera revealed on Wednesday morning that he was hauled off to jail and spent the night behind bars but was never official booked into custody by New Orleans police.

The arrest or rather lack of an arrest occurred in the French Quarter where police handcuffed Margera and took him away in a police cruiser.

Bam is sticking behind his claim that he did nothing illegal and he might be telling the truth, celebrity gossip site TMZ called the police station where Bam Margera was being held and there was no record of an arrest.

Apparently jumping into a pool with all of your clothes on in New Orleans will land you in jail for the night but at least no charges will be filed against you.

Bam claims he didn’t even receive a ticket or ordinance violation of any kind.

Do you think the New Orleans police acted in haste when arresting Margera after he jumped fully clothed into a pool?