Did Ashley Jones Predict Her Own Death? Remains Found After Woman Feared Something Would Happen To Her

The search for missing woman Ashley Jones may be over because police in Georgia believe her remains have been discovered. Sky News reports that the 24-year-old woman went missing back in early February, and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance are more than a little troubling. Was this once-missing woman the victim of foul play? If so, she may have seen it coming before she even went missing nearly two months ago.

Reports indicate that the missing woman’s remains were located initially by a hiker in a wooded area described by authorities as “unusual.” Her mother Cyndi Jones confirmed the heartbreaking discovery via Facebook.

“My beautiful daughter was found today. I am heartbroken to say that she is no longer with us. I can not express to you the heartache and pain I feel. I am only posting this so her friends who care for her know. Please understand I am devastated and I only ask that what you post is respectful, and please let my family grieve in peace. Thank you.”

The Daily Mail reports that the body spent approximately one month in the wooded area where it was found. An autopsy is scheduled to take place in hopes of getting more information regarding how she died and when. Right now, it’s not known if she is the victim of foul play or not, but there are disturbing details surrounding her mysterious disappearance.

She reportedly left while in distress in the middle of the night on February 5. Her mother said that she had been walking in broken glass and had bleeding feet when she vanished on foot. Police have also confirmed that she made disturbing comments before she disappeared, expressing the fear that “something was going to happen” to her. What that “something” was, however, remains unknown. What also remains unclear are the complete circumstances behind the last time she was seen — such as why she was walking on broken glass.

Did Ashley Jones predict her own death? This bizarre case is slim on details, but interest in it is growing from beyond the Georgia state lines. Both national and international news agencies are sharing the eerie story, and social media is lighting up with discussion and debate regarding what may have happened to Ashley. The woman’s friends or family have never clarified in the media what danger she believed she was in, or what kind of dangers they believed to exist. It seems that this is going to remain a mystery until officials can finish their autopsy and conclude their investigation.

[Photo: Facebook via Sky News]